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Cougar, Piper O’Toole

By Robert

Big tit, hotlegged, cougar, Piper O'ToolePiper is a 55 year old cougar with the body of a 40 year old. She has an amazing set of legs, and big set of enhance boobs. I met her through a friend. She had attempted to have her own adult website, but things didn’t work out. My friend wanted me to give her a shot. Like many, hot blonds, she was too high maintenance. I was able to shoot some photos and video of her voluptuous and busty body, and some of her sexual activities.

2 Responses to Cougar, Piper O’Toole

  1. drallala

    she´s great!! does exist other films from her??

  2. Robert

    There are video clips of her in the clips stores listed.

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