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Swinger Mom, Susan

By Robert

Busty mom, Susan is taking a bubble bath.Susan, the swinger mom is a mother of three, all of which are grown, and one, at least, had joined the lifestyle. Her daughter Sandy, married and 32 years old, decided to join her mom in doing a website. Sandy wanted to help her mom make a few bucks and they both assumed that customers would be more interested in the younger big tit blond daughter than the 54 year old mom, Susan. After a couple of photo shoots I came up with a website name that seemed to fit the two of them, The idea of the site was to chronicle their swinging lifestyle with their friends. Ironically, Susan became the more popular of the two and after a few months Sandy decided to drop out.

Susan was a true hedonist. She lived for the pleasures of sex, with both men and women. There were little or no limits to her sexual escapades. Orgies, interracial, anal, bi, exhibitionism and the list goes on and on. You can see her photos and videos at Vivid Erotica and the domain name points to all of her galleries.

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