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Blond Coed, So Shannon

By Robert

Big boobed blonde, Shannon.Shannon, a nineteen year old beautiful blond, I met through a friend, and he actually met her, at a gas station. He saw her putting gas in her car and noticed she had a huge set of tits. He started up a conversation with her and found out the she was looking for work. One thing lead to another and her told her about me. He gave her my number and we hooked up.

Shannon had a bubbly personality, a huge set of natural boobs and little or no limitation. I found out during the first shoot that she would do hardcore. She loved sex! We would be on location doing a shoot and she would pick-up a total stranger to fuck. She sucked black cock, did threesomes girl/girl and was a sexual dynamo. Her adult career ended when she got a little careless and didn’t use a condom. She got pregnant and she decided that she wanted to be a mom.

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